Time To Get Started

I am at the bitter, bitter end of finishing my latest novel, An Unorthodox Romance.   Two chapters need ‘some work,’ or so say my editors.  The proof reading will go on for what seems like months.  My graphic designer has come up with a cover that is unique, but blends with my previous novels, The Binding and The Rabbi’s Husband, so that if I ever get to box them together as a set, they will look like they are related to each other.

What’s left?  I know who I want to dedicate this book too, and I’ve got permissions to do that.

Now my publisher, and me  (this is still a shoestring operation) are looking for cover copy, known rather inelegantly as ‘blurbs.’  Even when they are promised things happen; family problems, people who have too many deadlines, even medical emergencies can sideline people who are actually willing to write cover copy, but somehow it doesn’t happen.

Still, short of the day when they bring you your baby in the hospital, there is nothing like picking up a new novel, your own, and seeing a couple of years of work transformed into a book.

So, it’s not bitter, it’s sweet, but it will be months, probably six months, before the book is really ready to go, and is in readers’ hands.

And, while there is a lot of discussion about ebooks, and the various readers, and certainly authors and those who market our books are  very aware of the need for this market, there is still something about a BOOK.  Hardback, or softback, it’s a book.  It’s sits on your shelf, a whole world wrapped up in something like 75,000 words.

I hope you’ll follow along with me, in this diary of the six months or so it takes to get a book from a manuscript to a book, a soft back, trade paperback book.  With a launch in a city or two and some accolades, (I hope) .

Here’s a question to be considered.  I’m a Canadian, a native of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  True, it’s not a world center, but it’s a major city, with an unusually active cultural live, ballet, symphony, outstanding theater companies and major, wonderful book stores.  When I launch a book there it ends up on the best seller list, sometimes for weeks on end. How do I tell people about that, without sounding like I’m trying to be, as Woody Allen once said in a movie,   “World Famous in Poland?”

Think about that one, and let me know what occurs to you.



About Brenda Barrie

Brenda Barrie has had a career as a Jewish communal professional in her hometown, Winnipeg, Canada, in Minneapolis, Baltimore and Orange County, California. Previously a feature writer and editor, she has brought her range of skills and her travels to her two novels, The Binding and The Rabbi’s Husband, and to her volume of poetry, Full Speed. Full Stop.
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