Never on New Year’s First Day


Ever since I decided to go steady with a boy friend (while I was in High School) and we started on New Year’s Eve, I have avoided beginning anything in that particular period of time, from about six thirty p.m. the eve of New Year, to midnight the next day.  As you can probably guess the course of that true love did not run smoothly.

I came to the conclusion that New Year’s Eve and Day were a bad time to start anything new, except the year.

So, I begin this effort, to get the news out about my second book, The Rabbi’s Husband, and the re-issue of my first book, The Binding, today, an anonymous day in December 2012 with nothing special ascribed to it.

I hope many of you will come to read my blog regularly.

And, when you get to 2013 I hope only good things come your way.

About Brenda Barrie

Brenda Barrie has had a career as a Jewish communal professional in her hometown, Winnipeg, Canada, in Minneapolis, Baltimore and Orange County, California. Previously a feature writer and editor, she has brought her range of skills and her travels to her two novels, The Binding and The Rabbi’s Husband, and to her volume of poetry, Full Speed. Full Stop.
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